The Low Country

   Landscapes are amalgams of the past and present.  The Carolina Low Country is especially complex of its rich cultural history stretching from initial  seventeenth century settlement to the invasion of recreation seekers in great numbers after World War II to the modern invasion of retiring Baby Boomers.  Rice was the primary source of income and raison d'etre for being there until the late nineteenth century and it is difficult to imagine how many of these seemingly untouched marshes were once heavily cultivate rice fields.  Charleston became the center of the rice trade, of shipping foods stuffs to the plantations of the Caribbean, as well as having sea island cotton, indigo, hides, and other goods pass through its doors.  The end of slavery and the collapse of the rice culture system relegated much of the rural areas to hardscrabble tenant farming and "getting along."  The task system of work assignments during slave times meant that the African-heritage population retained far more of their ancient cultural traditions which has brought the evolution of a far richer Afro-European cultural tradition than  found elsewhere in the American South.

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The Marsh

Turn of the River II (18x24) oil

Changing light on the big bend.

Storm Passing (18x24 oil)

Turn of the River (18x24) oil

The changing mood of the river as light, day and weather change.

Water, water, everywhere... (18x24) oil

Pelican skimming across the water, or....

Dawn Patrol (18x24) oil

Final Approach (12x16 oil)


Making a Living

Hailey Marie (16x20 oil)

Who's Fish? (16x20) oil

Fishing is not really work, but maybe in this case.

Goat (16x20)

Oyster picker and general everything at Bowen's

James (16x20)

Chief cook and bottle washer at Bowen's Island

Oysters Coming Up (18x24 oil)

Winter Afternoon (27x18 oil)


Beach Life

Early Bird (16x20)

Walking on the beach at dawn brings all kinds of surprises.

Fishing for Solitude (16x20)

Title says it all.

Ridin' In (18x24) oil

Boogie boards, almost as much fun as splashing your brother.

Kippers please!! (18x24) oil

Not everyone dining along the shore has the same experience.

Splish, Splash (18x24) oil

Cat in the Hat (16x20) oil

Pretty (16x20 oil

Always something new and exciting to find while playing on the beach.