The Holy City

Charleston, SC

Charleston, South Carolina has been transformed over the past thirty years from a dowdy maiden aunt of a city dying in its old lace and dreams of better times past to an increasingly vibrant dame torn between saving its opulent past and its modern future.  One of the nation's richest colonial cities, it was also one of the most ethnically diverse with not only the requisite number of English Settlers, but thousands of French Huguenots (many of whom were actually Iberian Jewish refugees hiding among this tolerant group), Germans, Irish, and one of the largest free African-heritage populations in the American South.  The result was a rich cultural stew which created one of the most vibrant cultural mixes along the colonial eastern seaboard.  (left-- South Battery pen and ink) 

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Battery Piazzas (20x24 oil)

Historic builders in Charleston gave houses on even the most crowded streets piazzas for relief from the heat. On the battery they became magnificent.

Double Vision (16x20 oil)

The desire for both beach and city living set up a tension in both colonial and contemporary times.

Christmas Eve at St. John's (18x24 oil)

St. John's, the state's oldest Lutheran congregation, bridges the gap between past and present.

Charleston Passing (18x24 oil)

All things must face the music, including crossing the Cooper by boat then by iron bridge and now by superhighway.

Then n Now (16x20 oil)

The new bridge brings us full turn.

Three Christmas Angels (18x24 oil)

Christmas pageants bring angels to earth.

Breakfast Call (18x24 oil)

Early spring light streaming up from the Cooper along St. Michael's alley brings the first visitors of the day.

Street Preacher (16x20 oil)

Meet James having a little coffee one Sunday morning.

The Reviewing Stand (11x14 mixed)

The Hat Ladies gather each Easter Saturday at Washington Park to parade to tea, and check out each other's hats!

Basket Lady (16x20 oil)

One must really keep track of their rivals in the sweetgrass basket trade on Broad Street.

Red, White, and Blue (half sheet w/c)

Trade may be the business of olde Charleston; but sailing is the life blood of the city.

Legare Oak (12x14 w/c)

The shaded streets of "South of Broad" give the area an ancient charm with or without the houses.