Home inevitably becomes well home, as ho hum,  and soon we are unable to separate the defining images from the commonplace.  My fascination with the American South has meant that I have needed a counterpoint to provide perspective.   Annual trips to Italy become a part of our life rhythm.  It doesn't hurt that northern/central Italy is one of the most beautiful places on earth nor that you have a "thing" over Donna Leon's distinctive stylizations of Venice. 

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Tuscan Quilt (18x24) oil

The colors of rural Tuscany can change from muted to brilliant in just the passage of a cloud.

Tuscan Idyll (24"sq 1.5" gallery wrap)

A farm near Monteregiani.

Shoot! (16x20) oil

Children gather in the campos after school to run off a little energy and work up an appetite for dinner.

What... (16x20) oil

Who's that new girl on the campo?

Busted (16x20) oil

Not everyone approves of the afterschool fun, or maybe they just want their turn in the hot Ferrari.

Joy a Santo Spirito 16x20 oil

Running across the piazza of Santo Spirito is a joy for all.

Pietro fiddles (16x20) oil

Street musicians are an important part of life in Italy. This one works the streets near the Vatican.

Pesche (16x20) oil

The street ballet of the Italian street market is a fascinating glimpse into everyday life.

Street Market (37x37) Collage

A street market composed of 4 16x20 and 1 4x4 oils of scenes featuring sellers, buyers and the flow.

Sunflowers (16x20) It. St Mkt collage

The Italian home is not complete without flowers to brighten the morning sunshine. These were found at the Parco le Cosine (Firenze).

Tuscan Poppies (48x24 oil, 1.5"gallery wrap)

Capri Blu (20x30) oil

Few places live up to their press as well as Capri. Worth the ferry ride.

Hmm (16x20) oil

Street ballet? Where else could you encounter this than in Firenze?

Sunny Morn (16x20) oil

Watching his world go by in Assissi

Poppies 2 (11x14 oil)

Piazza d'Erbe (18x24) oil

The ancient produce market in Verona.

Venetian Rhapsody (10x20) 1.5" gallery wrap

The city of light, music, monuments, and tourist kitsch-- Venice shows its moods in many ways.

Poppy 03 (11x14 oil)

Poppy 01 (11x14 oil)

Poppy 05 (11x14 oil)

Street Musicians (18x24 oil)

Street Seen series. Florence.

Wills Clashing (16x20 oil )

"Street seen" series. Montereggioni with a bit of license.

Chestnuts Roasting (18x24 oil)

Street Seen series. Rome.